Before you go to sleep and first thing when you wake in the morning- get your thoughts to a good feeling place…

Great advice!

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As you wake up in the morning start to talk to yourself about all the things you appreciate, all the things you are really grateful for, all the things that really make you feel good inside. Go smaller and simple, right down to the water you drink and the comforting pillow your head is rested on. Really dive deep and find thoughts one after another that you are grateful for… your bed, your house, your bathroom, your car, your family, friends, food, water, music… It doesn’t have to be things that are, it can also be things that you want. Imagine and pretend and appreciate what you want as if it is true right now. Really enjoy this time. Really get on to the vibration of appreciation and love for life, for yourself, for this moment, for where you are right now. Life is never in a rush, slow down…

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By revsavage

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