Portapique standoff ends with suspect dead

Very sad story, but I guess we will never really know just what happened.

Global News

Portapique, N.S. — A daylong standoff in the rural community of Portapique has ended with two people dead.

The incident began at 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday after police received a 911 call that led them to an apartment on Mitchell Drive in Truro Heights where they found the body of a 47-year-old woman.


The scene was surrounded by yellow police tape and police cars by Wednesday morning.

“Sad. Very sad,” said Linda Pulsifer, the victim’s sister-in-law.

“It’s a bad tragedy for two people actually. And nobody probably will actually cause they were the only two in the home.”

Pulsifer stopped at the apartment to try and come to terms with what happened.

“She was a beautiful person. She was a hard worker, a lovely mother, grandmother, sister-in-law. I’ve known her since she was five, six years old,” Pulsifer said, while holding back tears.

Police would not comment on how long…

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