Promoting a healthier lifestyle

I believe, especially in these times of great change, that children need to know much more about providing for themselves. People want people to be more self reliant, and this is a good start.

Global News

REGINA- October 16th is World Food Day, a day all about promoting a healthier lifestyle.

“Eating healthy foods with your peers, and your teachers as role models, really goes a long way for kids,” said Helen Flengeris, a Public Health nutritionist.

To mark world food day, students at St. Augustine Community School learned where food comes from.

“Nutrition is really important but also local food and community gardens; bringing that all together, so children understand that carrots don’t just come from a grocery store. They actually come from the garden,” said Dana Folkerson, executive director of REACH.

There’s no place more local, than the Farmer’s Market.

It’s clear, Reginans feel fresh is best.  The market had a record breaking year with both vendors, and customers.

“There’s more of a demand for local grown food these days. I think there’s a bigger wave of people that are getting it and…

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