Train pulling cars of anhydrous ammonia derails in northern Alberta town

What are we doing to our world? Watch out because Gaia is starting to fight back!

Global News

Edmonton – Residents in the Town of Sexsmith have returned home after a trail derailment Wednesday evening.

According to Grande Prairie County officials, the derailment site has been assessed by Canadian National (CN) Railway workers. CN officials say there is minimal damage to the three derailed cars and no leaks or ruptures to the units.

The train was pulling cars of anhydrous ammonia, an agricultural fertilizer.

CN Rail says they have control over the substance, and have begun to lift the train cars back onto the tracks. The operation is expected to last all of Thursday.

Residents are being asked to stay out of the area to allow CN Rail crews to do their work.

A voluntary evacuation was conducted Wednesday as a precautionary measure.

No injuries had been reported.

The Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership (GPREP) Emergency Operation Centre has been deactivated.

Sexsmith is located about 20 kilometres north of…

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