Victoria Police become Canada’s first agency to launch crime reporting app

More Big Brother, sounds like our See something Say something program!

Global News

Victoria’s Police Department has become the first in Canada to launch a mobile app where users can report crimes.

Called ‘Mobile VicPD’, the app sends out alerts for missing people, lets you read the latest releases, look at maps of the crimes in your neighbourhood, and look at photos and videos.

“What we’re able to do with our new app now is have a very interactive time with our community,” says Cst. Mike Russell with the Victoria Police. “They’re able to report crimes online through our mobile reporting system. There’s about 10 different types of crime that people can report online, obviously not in progress, if it’s in progress we still need that phone call.”

Created in consultation with the company ‘Mobile PD’, the app is currently available for IOS and will soon be available for Android.

“We also have an alert feature,” says Russell, “which is probably the biggest…

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