I saw this video this morning, and it blew my mind. I have verified the the data myself, and it just doesn’t seem right. There is definitely something very strange going on here. I would love anybody’s input on this. I have taken a weather and climate class in college, and this is highly unusual.

First the video, and yes the guy is a bit eccentric, and then links to the data.

DANGER! WTF? Temperatures dropped to ZERO off California coast for NO REASON

It’s even bigger than that, there’s a much larger anomaly that this seems to have spun off of to the West of Mexico. Here is the data links:

Here is the GOES NOAA data, be sure to turn on the IR Temp at the top to see just how cold this is.

Please, ANYBODY with information relating to this comment. I will be keeping an eye on this and following its movement so look for updates later in the day.



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