eBook Available

If you would like to help me in my quest for truth, be sure to purchase my eBook. Discounts are available, and all proceeds will go toward fueling my research and the creation of more eBooks. As you can tell I have spent many thousands of hours researching several subjects, both past and present, to try and find a common thread of truth. As I search, I an beginning to gleam that thread, and the road I am being led down is a very interesting one. I believe I am coming close to the truth, and answering many questions about the vast global conspiracy to cover up the truth, a truth that may well answer the most compelling questions the human race has to ask. Why are we here? Where did we come from? and What lies in store for our future. My next eBook, fully original, is in the works, and I do have plans to upload more esoteric and occult eBooks to my Payhip account to help fund my research. If any of you have questions or comments feel free to contact me. You can also check out my FaceBook page at RevJohn Savage. Thank you for your curiosity, and remember, to always question the answer.



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