A source of mine sent me this video. After watching it I made a connection with another line of research I have been looking into. Please watch ALL of these videos and decide for your self. I feel that the coincidences are too striking to ignore. Notice that he map shown in one of these videos is the EXACT same map that John Moore has been showing for years, check previous video by John Moore, posted today, for confirmation. I am finding too much evidence that governments all over the world are preparing for something BIG, this just might be it.
Notice the mention of Mt. Graham, named the LUCIFER observatory BTW, in both the radio interview and the movie “Deep Impact”. Also notice the map shown is the very same as the John Moore map.
Google “500 days of climate chaos” and “magnetic field effects on humans and animals” This one is for the prophesy believers.
Here is even more evidence that something is going on, also google search “Nasa scientists death”, “Bankers commit suicide”, “FEMA black coffins”, “DUMBS or Deep Underground Military Bunkers”, as well as “FEMA camps” and FEMA region 3 preparedness”.
Here is a cute little video from FEMA 2015.
Much more to come, but I figure this will be enough to get you started. Good luck, and let’s all hope I am wrong.

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