More On Jade Helm 15

Notice that he mentions the build up to predicted September events, similar to my earlier posting on this. I hope I am wrong, but this could be big!

2 comments on “More On Jade Helm 15

  1. If it were a conservative POTUS and the USA were being goverened as it used to be I would say it is just what it claims to be!!With Obama in power it very well could be a prelude to martial law brought on by some contrived emergency right before the next presidential election to hold up the elections!

    • I agree with all this fear mongering concerning Russia I have a feeling we we’re in for a false flag to help jump start things. Watch for it while Jade Helm 15 is in position this summer. I have not been feeling well but look for many updates to be posted today. I almost feel like they might not even wait until summer, we shall see. Thanks for your comment.

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