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Does the Vatican Know Aliens Exist?

Has the Earth Shifted? Awesome article and site.

Collectivism VS Community, very interesting article!

Dream Telepathy


‘Homo Georgicus’: Georgia skull may prove early humans were single species



I wouldn’t call this an article as much as a rant, but I haven’t added a rant page yet, however I think I will soon. I was on Facebook and saw an interesting post about America being for Americans. Then I made the mistake of reading some of the comments, and now I’m Pissed! The following rant is in response to this. If you are one of those “Americans” that hates immigrants, DO NOT READ THIS, and go ahead and un-follow me.

That’s what gets me. First people say, they are illegal and should do it legally like their ancestors did, first of all, Europeans stole this land from both Native Americans, as well as the Mexicans. also, earlier in history all you and to do was make your mark to become a citizen, now it costs thousands of dollars to even APPLY to become a citizen, even if your married to one (I guess if your rich we want you, other wise we don’t). Then they say they are taking our jobs, do you know how many Americans on unemployment I have told, here in Arizona, that they could work doing house/hotel cleaning, or washing dishes, fast food, or picking fruit, for minimum wage, told me they would NEVER do that kind of work for that kind of money? No THEY would rather sit on their asses collecting unemployment instead of EARNING their way. I even had a former friend, who complained about another friend of mine who was in the  country on a visa, who worked for minimum wage, with NO benefits, and who paid taxes, yet couldn’t file a return; and yet he, my American friend, received more money back on his return than he paid in a year!

Second, if you want to complain about jobs, go to Mexico, where I HAVE lived, and see where THOUSANDS of our manufacturing jobs have gone to, to increase companies profits, and they pay the people 800 pesos a week, that’s about $60. But you’ll NEVER hear about that. You will spend $100 for a pair of Nikes that were made in Indonesia by young children in sweat shops, who make PENNIES a day, and yet Nike pays sports stars MILLIONS of dollars for a 30 second commercial.

I am so tired of stupid Americans talking out of their asses. MILLIONS of our jobs have been sent over seas by multi billion dollar corporations to increase their profits, but you are worried about some immigrant working for minimum wage at a job that most Americans don’t want? As far as the gangs and drug cartels are concerned, the BIGGEST drug cartel, and importer of illegal drugs, in the US is the CIA!

Welfare is another issue. People complain that it is illegals who are taxing our welfare system, our economy, and our health care system, and it’s BULLSHIT! Let’s talk about the BILLIONS of dollars that was given to RICH bankers who SCREWED the American people; let’s talk about the BILLIONS of dollars spent on corporate WELFARE; let’s talk about the TRILLIONS of dollars we spend MURDERING people in other countries for their resources; let’s talk about the BILLIONS of dollars that exchange hands so corporations can BRIBE politicians to get their way, and poison us; let’s talk about the Billions of dollars we give companies to build infrastructure in OTHER countries so they can move their manufacturing, and OUR jobs there, all for increased profits.

The only people screwing this country are AMERICANS! Either directly, or by inaction. Also take note that ALL foreign terrorists, who have successfully attacked this country were here on GOVERNMENT sponsored visas. As far as health care is concerned, explain to me why we pay up to 400% more for the same medications than they do in Mexico. Why a heart monitor costs tens of thousands of dollars when you can program a smart phone to do the same thing for only hundreds, there’s and app for that, why 2 Tylenol costs you $4.00 in a hospital, or why it cost me  $3,000 dollars to take my son to the emergency room. Is it because of illegals, or because hospitals are FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS, who have to provide dividends for their stock holders, and love building more wings, so again, they can increase their profits. I have also known SEVERAL Americans who have taken themselves, or their children to the emergency room, for as little as a cold, who didn’t have insurance and never had ANY intention on paying the bills.

I am actually moving to Mexico because America has become a shit hole, as well as the fact that it is almost impossible to get even your husband or wife over here  unless you are RICH. You have to make $50,000 a year or more to even apply for a k9  fiance visa, and it costs THOUSANDS of dollars to get them their papers. I bet YOUR ancestors didn’t have to come up with that kind of cash. My fiance has applied for a TOURIST visa twice, just so she can come visit me, at over $200 each time, which at $60 a week takes a long time to save, they took her money and denied her TWICE, for NO good reason. She has never come here illegally, she has NEVER broken the law, She works in Mexico, owns two properties there, and yet they still take her money and deny her. It’s like every thing else in this country, if your RICH you can do whatever you want, if not FCK you! Well I’m tired of it. It was safer in Mexico, a lot less violent crime, (there were more violent crimes commited in the city of Tucson last year than in ALL of Mexico!), the cost of living is lower, the food and water aren’t poisoned, unless it comes from here, the police are much nicer, they treat you with respect, the people have more respect, and they are not a bunch of SPOILED asshole racists, who feel they can steal, rape, and pillage to get what they want. I am becoming ASHAMED to call myself an American, especially after reading some of the IGNORANT comments I have seen on Facebook and other places. Let’s not even MENTION operation fast and furious, where the American government smuggled thousands of illegal automatic weapons to cartels in Mexico, the many coups and contras we have been involved in or the fact that our military is in Afghanistan PROTECTING POPPY FIELDS for the import of heroin. Get a clue, an education, and a life haters. If you REALLY want to know why the rest of the world hates us so much, look in the mirror! Yes I agree people should come here legally, however, make it REASONABLE!

Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont, Sygenta, and GMO Food Safety Concerns

Are Lobbying and Nefarious Political Dealings Responsible for Authorizing GMO Food Products that May Be Dangerous to Our Health and Environment?


There has been much controversy surrounding GMO food and it’s possible impacts on our health and the environment. There are many others however, that say that these products are perfectly safe. So who should we listen to? What evidence do these two sides have to back up their claims?

The Food and Drug Administration:

The FDA, or Food and Drug Administration is tasked with testing new products and determining whether or not they are safe for human consumption. On the FDA website there is an article, from 1999, that claims that; “For almost two decades FDA has been studying genetic modification techniques for drug-biologic development, as well as the development of new foods, and the Agency has carefully developed policies to accommodate the changing and evolving world of biotechnology. The evidence shows that we are meeting our goal of ensuring that these new products meet the same safety standards as traditional foods. ” Therefore implying that they are doing everything in their power to test these products and make sure that they are safe for human consumption. The article goes on to explain their legal authority in determination, the processes used in determining safety, and their requirements for determining safety standards. It does not however state whether or not these products were deemed safe. Based on the fact that there are many GMO products on the market, I feel it is safe to assume that the FDA has approved these products for human consumption.


Monsanto, one of the biggest GMO producers, also claims that its products are safe for consumption. In an article on their website they state that; “For food and feed derived from genetically modified (GM) or biotech crops, Monsanto assesses each new product for safety according to rigorous procedures established by international expert bodies charged with assuring the safety of food and feed derived from crops modified using agricultural biotechnology. ” So they are stating that they themselves test the products for safety, and then they must be approved by the FDA. So this should put to rest any concerns a citizen may have about consuming these products, right?

Safety Questions:

Let’s look at the other side of this issue. If these products are deemed safe by both the manufacturer and the FDA, why is there so much uproar about labeling and safety? There are many people that believe that these products have not been properly tested, and that they are not safe for consumption. Furthermore they believe that these companies, such as Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical Company, Dupont and Sygenta, are using nefarious methods to get these products approved and on the market.

A recent article in the Washington Post reported that; “A controversial new French study claims that rats fed a diet of Monsanto’s genetically modified maize and/or exposed to the company’s top-selling weedkiller were more likely to die prematurely and develop tumors and organ damage.” Furthermore, another article on the Health Impact News website stated that; “Now, a new study published in the Journal of Hematology & Thromboembolic Diseases indicates that the bio-pesticides engineered into GM crops known as Bacillus Thuringensis (Bt) or Cry-toxins, may also contribute to blood abnormalities from anemia to hematological malignancies (blood cancers) such as leukemia.” So we begin to see why so many are concerned, especially considering there have been no studies done on what the long term effects are on humans.

Political Dealings:

So if there are so many questions concerning the safety of these products, and scientific evidence is mounting to support these claims, how is that these products have been deemed safe? Why are these products on the market for both human and animal consumption? Well, many believe it is due to political lobbying, and conflicts of interest. So where do such claims come from, and do they have any supporting evidence? I have found from my research that the answer appears to be yes.

There seems to be very clear evidence that there are indeed conflicts of interest concerning Monsanto and other producers of GMO products. posted a list, from as far back as 2001, showing the correlation between government agencies and GMO producing companies. By definition these are clear cut cases of a conflict of interest. Another article, posted on Red Green and, brings the correlation into 2012 showing the overlap of GMO company employees and government agencies. It states that; ” Monsanto has been particularly talented at vacuuming up well connected ex-Congressmen, Senators and other government officials to go back and lobby the government, using their connections for the company’s benefit. And it also has been great at placing its own people into the agencies that are supposed to be regulating it.” This seems to me to be a clear and apparent conflict of interest.

Monsanto employees in the halls of government (part 2)

Monsanto employees and the revolving door with government

How bad is the revolving door between Monsanto and government? This handy chart (from pretty much sums it up.

Monsanto has been particularly talented at vacuuming up well connected ex-Congressmen, Senators and other government officials to go back and lobby the government, using their connections for the company’s benefit. And it also has been great at placing its own people into the agencies that are supposed to be regulating it.

Read the rest of this article here.

Atlantis Found? Giant Sphinxes, Pyramids In Bermuda Triangle

Unapproved genetically-modified rice trials in U.S. have contaminated the world’s rice supply

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80% of Pre-Packaged Foods in America Are Banned in Other Countries

America’s Continuity of Government Plan

The Cronyism of the Revolving Door

Hard Evidence that the Government is Messing with our Atmosphere!

Has Washington’s Arrogance Undone Its Empire? — Paul Craig Roberts


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