Earth Changes

Through out my research I am finding more and more that our Mother Earth is not happy. extreme weather, wild fires, massive animal kills, earth quakes, flooding, volcanoes, ice melt, and unexplained phenomenon are on the rise! You NEED to see these videos, read the articles, visit our Links page, and prepare.

End of the World and World War 3 will Start in 2015 : Shocking Revelations Full Documentary

New Update 2014 The Entire Year in Reverse Order. From Dec 2012-Jan 2014

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So August 2013 Part 3

precursors of the second advent extreme weather AUGUST 2013

Could this be due to increased volcanic activity in the Yellowstone caldera?  I  saw another video earlier this week about a rare gyser event, which could all be signs of increased volcanic activity. See my article on Yellowstone to learn just how bad it could be.

Yellowstone geothermal phenomena and buffalo 2013

Earthquake activity increasing at Yellowstone

ALERT NEWS .. Yellowstone Super Volcano Recent Activity..

Supervolcano.The Truth About Yellowstone.

It Turns Out Comet Ison is Planet X NIBIRU !!! MOST HUMAN LIFE WILL NOT EXIST After January 2014 ⌚⌚⌚

Interesting ending to this one! Space weather from Suspicious Observers on YouTube, check th links page for a link to their page.

August 28, 2013 – No sound on mobile devices

Earth HAS shiften on it’s Axis – PROOF!!! (Edited)

Notice this movie is a few years old, but most of the predictions made in this movie have come to pass and are getting worse!

Zeta Movie 2 Signs Of The Times full length Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

Zeta Movie – Part I full length

Get through the first five minutes to learn about past cataclysmic earth changes.

Signs Of The Times [Extreme Earth Changes Accelerating] Late 2012 – 2013

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So August 2013 Part 2


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So August 2013 Part 1

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So July 2013 Part 1


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