Monarch/New Phoenix

Many people believe that programs like MK-Ultra are still in use. One of the subprograms I am researching is known as Monarch. Originally used to program young girls to become sex slaves, many believe that there is a much broader use for the techniques used in these programs. On this page I will post just a small amount of the research information I have found. I will not say that this is actually happening, or that the program even actually exists, but what I have found in my research definitely gives one pause for thought. As always I will be updating this page periodically, and please share, like and comment. Also check out the New Phoenix Program, which is a wide spectrum use of Energy Directed Weapons on the general population and specifically Targeted Individuals, or those who are trying to expose the agenda. This will also serve as a blanket page for any and all Mind Control content.

The two most common types of programming are targeted by sex/gender. “James Bond”, is the male program, and “Cat Woman” or “Bunny” is for females. The next two videos do a pretty good job of describing both.

CBS Freemason/Illuminati Media: Color Codes Exposed

Illuminati Black Magick Television Tricks REVEALED!! Part 2

TARGETED: E.L.F Mind Control in America

Reality check in the 21st-century, My testimony, electronic harassment organized stalking e.flv

The New Phoenix Program

The New Phoenix Program II (1hr20min) full [Monarch

Monarch Mind Control – James Bond programming

Monarch Mind Control – Hollywood’s Cat Women

This series of videos shows how prolific this type of “programming” has become in the entertainment industry. Note: Part 1 is available on YouTube, but I have elected not to put it here, for various reasons.

Project Monarch BETA Slaves [Pt.2]

Monarch BETA Slaves [Pt.3]: Beyonce & Lady Gaga

Illuminati Monarch BETA Slaves [Part 4]: Kim Kardashian

I have included this video on several pages because it is that important! Be sure to check out my The Matrix page for part 1.

The REAL MATRIX prt 2 ~ Harsh & Beautiful Truth Revealed!




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