Chicago Preps, Jade Helm, Florida, Mississippi, Nuclear Attack, False Flag, DUMBs Prepping, FEMA Domes, Red List, Venezuela, Bolivia, and More!!!

Here Are This Mornings Top Stories From The Truth Files

Be sure to check back this evening for even more news that you need to know.

Click on highlighted Titles for articles.

Possible False Flag, Nuclear Attack, May be Planned for Chicago.

Debunk This, Jade Helm 15, Two More States, Mississippi and Florida, Added To The Roster.

Deep Underground Military Bunkers Being Prepared And Readied, For Something?

FEMA Domes Popping Up in Texas, Preparations For Jade Helm 15

Some Say, Don’t Worry JH15 Is Only A Training Exercise

Is JH15 A Red Dot Snatch and Grab Op?

JH15 Red List Extraction?

Are You On The “Red List”?

Will Your State Be The Next JH15 State To Legalize Death By Firing Squad?

Possible War With Central America? First Venezuela Now Bolivia!

North Korea Threatening The Use Of Nukes As Well.


More to come this evening!

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